What is Fuugo?

Fuugo is a family of next generation TV applications for mobile and portable devices redefining TV by integrating broadcast DTV, mobile TV, and internet videos with social media.

Fuugo makes interactive TV usage easier than any previous application or device.

Fuugo means you always have something great to watch. It provides you with TV from your chosen content sources and you can also record content, download and watch on-the-go anytime, anywhere. Fuugo delivers a consistent and cohesive user experience on all devices; PCs, tablets, netbooks, laptops and smartphones.

Fuugo TV

Fuugo iPad with Tivizen

Fuugo TV is the next generation live broadcast DTV application for mobile and portable devices.

Fuugo supports major mobile and over-the-air broadcast TV standards ranging from European DVB-T, through Latin American SBTVD-T into Japanese ISDB-T.

Fuugo TV has support for most operating systems; Windows, OS X and iOS. Fuugo’s interface is optimized for touch screens making it an especially enchanting media application for tablets.


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