Fuugo for Windows PC


Fuugo TV DVB-T for Windows – transforming your Windows PC into a TV.

Watch, pause & record Live Digital TV!

Fuugo TV Windows

Fuugo TV, together with compatible Digital TV tuner, transforms your Mac into the television on-the-go.

Fuugo TV lets you watch, record, time shift and archive TV on your Windows PC.Fuugo TV for Windows channel bar

You can easily pause the TV show while you need to take a break, then with just one click, rewind and watch that great play again.

To stay tuned and keep an eye on your favorite show while you surf the Web, simply turn on the window mode and flow Fuugo TV window on top of other applications.

Please note that in order to use Fuugo TV for Windows, you will need an external TV tuner accessory from a 3rd party. Please review the list of supported TV receivers from the dedicated section.

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Watch live digital TV with Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind & Timeshift
Record TV programs
Integrated electronic programming guide (EPG)
Change channels with multi-touch controls
Add individual programs as favorites


Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Fuugo TV Program Guide with Menu card
Fuugo TV offers you detailed and up-to-date TV listings to your convenience.

Fuugo TV’s integrated Electronic Program Guide collects/aggregates the TV listings data contained in over-the-air digital broadcasts.

In Program Guide, you may add programs as your Favorite to see them easily later and schedule programs for being recorded later.

Record your favorite shows

Fuugo TV Recorded programs viewFuugo makes recording easier than ever. It takes just one click to record your selected programs from the Menu Card or from the Program Guide. You can easily record your favorite TV programs and watch it on-the-go anytime, anywhere. Fuugo has also the Schedulings view, where all the scheduled programs are listed together for your convenience.

Unique User Interface

Fuugo TV Channel Bar with Menu card
Fuugo TV has very innovative UI enabling full screen TV viewing functionality added with the Channel Bar, Electronic Program Guide and program related Menu Card. Fuugo is offering you a unique user experience with its touch screen optimized functionality and enchanting visual appearance.

Time Shift

Pick a channel and pause or Time Shift backwards while you’re viewing it – perfect if you missed something interesting. With Fuugo’s Time Shift you can easily set a pause to your favorite program and continue later from the same point where you left.

Fuugo TV View bar

Technical requirements

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 32 and 64 bits
Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor
VGA card at least 32 MB Memory
Microsoft Direct X9.0 or above
Compatible TV Tuner connected via USB or WiFi network

Fuugo TV for Windows channel bar

Fuugo TV OS X with USB receiver close-up

Fuugo TV is capable of receiving live TV signal through external Digital TV receivers.

Fuugo TV for Windows supports almost every tuner on the market supporting a Windows BDA driver (most USB receivers).

SBTVD 1-seg (South America) & ISDB-T 1-seg (Japan) are supported only on Siano based receivers. Soon Fuugo TV will also support SBTVD Full-seg on Siano based receivers.

As consumers often do not have knowledge on the chipsets inside their USB receivers, we are building a list of receivers supported.

Please download on evaluation version of Fuugo TV if you wish to verify if your current TV receiver is supported.

Please note that the list below is updated as soon as we are able to test additional receiver modules!

Supported TV receivers – Fuugo TV Windows PC

TV standard USB receiver support
DVB-T › Almost any USB receiver supporting BDA drivers.
DVB-T › August DVB-T208 receiver
DVB-T › NotOnlyTV LV5TMac
DVB-T › Hauppauge myTV Aero
DVB-T › Hauppauge myTV-700T
DVB-T › Hauppauge myTV2GO WiFi receiver
DVB-T, ISDB-T 1-seg & SBTVD 1-seg › Mygica T936
DVB-T, ISDB-T 1-seg & SBTVD 1-seg › Geniatech T936
SBTVD-T › USB receivers based on Siano chipset.
ISDB-T › USB receivers based on Siano chipset.
SBTVD Full-seg › Geniatech S880

Please download FuugoTV evaluation version to verify if your receiver is supported.

Fuugo TV for Windows PC Screenshots