Fuugo for iOS

Fuugo TV – bringing the moments you cannot miss into your iPad.

Experience live Digital TV like never before!

Fuugo TV iPad with 30-pin TV receiver

Fuugo TV is the most innovative TV software for iOS, bringing you the greatest features together with easy to use gestures for an ultimate Digital TV viewing experience!

Fuugo TV is the next generation live digital TV application for iOS. Fuugo TV shows all your favorite digital TV channels on your iPhone or iPad!

Easy and intuitive user interface with cool features like time shifting, recording and program guide Fuugo TV iPhone with WiFi DVB-T receiverguarantee the best TV experience where ever you are.

Fuugo TV is perfect for time killing moments and when you definitely don’t want to miss the show.

Take Fuugo to your kitchen, your cousiest sofa or watch a show in bed on your iPad just before going to sleep.

All you need is an iPhone or an iPad with an additional TV tuner and Fuugo TV software!

Please note that in order to use Fuugo TV for iOS, you will need an external TV tuner accessory from a 3rd party. Please review the list of supported TV receivers from the dedicated section.

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for iOS
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Watch live digital TV with Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind & Timeshift
Record TV programs
Integrated electronic programming guide (EPG)
Change channels with one swipe
Preview next channel information with multitouch curtain
Add individual programs as favorites

Fuugo TV for iOS features:

Watch live TV
Fuugo TV iPad channel bar

Fuugo brings you live Digital TV from an external Digital TV receiver into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

No data connection required – just an external TV tuner available from 3rd parties.

Live TV program guideFuugo TV iPad Electronic Program Guide

Fuugo lists upcoming TV shows for up to 7 days into the embedded program guide.

You may also mark your favorite shows with one button to highlight those coming later.

Record & Pause live TVFuugo TV iPad recorded programs

Fuugo allows you to keep the best TV shows with you always; with just one button, you can immediately record TV into your computer, iPad or iPhone!

In case you just wish to quickly do something else, you may also pause to timeshift live TV on Fuugo.

Multi-touch controls

Fuugo has innovative multitouch controls

Fuugo TV iPad next channel info-curtain

  • Swipe up to get your channel bar
  • Swipe down to access your live program guide
  • Swipe left or right to chance channels immediately
  • Swipe left or right with two fingers to bring a curtain showing program data on the next/previous channel

Supported digital TV standards:

Fuugo TV supports major mobile and over-the-air broadcast TV standards ranging from European DVB-T, through Latin American SBTVD-T 1-seg & Full-seg into Japanese ISDB-T 1-seg.

The availability of support in your area is also dependent on available Digital TV tuners supporting iOS.

Technical requirements

Fuugo TV for iOS works on iPad, iPad 2 (and newer), iPhone 3GS (with reduced picture quality), iPhone 4, iPhone 4S (and newer), iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation) using iOS 4.0 or newer operating systems.

In order to play live Digital TV, it is also necessary to have an external Digital TV receiver. Such receivers are available from 3rd parties and can connect into the iOS product either via WiFi connection or through the 30-pin accessory connection.

Fuugo TV for iOS supports DVB-T MPEG-2 standard definition video. HD channels over MPEG2 or MPE4/H.264 are not supported at the moment.

Quite soon, Fuugo TV for iOS also supports ISDB-T 1-seg Japan as well as SBTVD 1-seg standard in South America.

Fuugo TV for iOS is capable of receiving live Digital TV signal through an external Digital TV receiver.Fuugo iPhone & Tivizen DVB-T tuner

There are two different kinds of Digital TV tuners available for connecting the receiver into your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch:

1) Digital TV receivers acting as a WiFi access point and the user connects to the TV receiver via a direct WiFi connection or Fuugo TV iPad with 30-pin TV receiverthrough their own WiFi access point.

2) Digital TV receivers connecting the 30-pin connection of the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

The first Digital TV receivers supporting DVB-T standard will be available in December 2011.

Supported receivers – iOS

DTV Standard WiFi receivers 30-pin receivers
› DVB-T › Valups Tivizen WiFi receiver › Valups Tivizen 30-pin receiver
› DVB-T › Dexatek 30-pin receiver
› DVB-T › Hauppauge myTV2GO (FuugoTV re-branded as myTV2GO) › Hauppauge myTV2GO-m (FuugoTV re-branded as myTV2GO)
› DVB-T › FilmOn Air Max (FuugoTV re-branded as FilmOn Air Max)

Fuugo TV iPad screenshots

Fuugo TV iPhone screenshots