Octoshape and Axel Technologies partner to offer multi screen OTT IPTV platform

Partnership launches next generation platform for multi screen broadband TV and VOD

AMSTERDAM (IBC 2012) – September 11, 2012 – Octoshape an industry leader in cloud-based streaming technology, and Axel Technologies, a TV and video software specialist, announced today they will combine the world class user experience components of the Axel Fuugo application with the Octoshape Infinite HD-Mbroadband TV distribution network to create a next generation multi screen video platform.

This partnership opens opportunities for both companies to provide an even more compelling product offering across an expanded range of iOS and Android smart devices. The offering enables a consistent user experience for TV Everywhere and OTT (Over The Top) IPTV initiatives both with natural and easy to use navigation, as well as providing the highest quality broadband video experience globally.

“Combining the Axel and Octoshape innovations are a natural fit,” said Petri Kalske, CEO of Axel Technologies. “Our Fuugo streaming video platform provides a combination of high class usability, coherence with device variety, and a modular structure that makes customization and modification very fast and easy. All this combined with the video quality and distribution expertise from Octoshape makes this joint offering really precious to TV and video service providers.”

Infinite HD-M enables the quality, scale and economics of traditional broadcast TV over the Internet. Telco and cable operators that are part of the Infinite HD-M Federated network receive the signals via native IP Multicast in a way that allows them to easily manage large volumes of traffic without capital infrastructure expenditure.

“We are thrilled to pair up with Axel on this initiative,” said Michael Koehn Milland, CEO of Octoshape. “Infusing the scale, quality, and economics Infinite HD-M video distribution technologies to the already incredible user experience of the Fuugo platform represents an explosive multi device offering. It not only will please the consumers, but also provide relief to the last mile Internet providers for the vast amounts Internet traffic it will generate.”

Octoshape’s federated linear broadband TV ecosystem will continue to expand globally throughout 2012 in carefully planned phases adding content contribution partners, Tier 1 broadband providers, connected television manufacturers and conditional access providers

About Octoshape
Streaming media innovator Octoshape provides the enabling technology required to bring TV Quality, TV Scale and TV Economics to the public Internet. The company is writing the next chapter of content delivery for broadband IP TV services. The Octoshape approach is more scalable, flexible and affordable than traditional content delivery (CDN) schemes, while providing feature-rich, high-quality viewing to the largest of audiences. For more information visit www.octoshape.com.

About Axel Technologies
Axel Technologies is a forerunner of TV and video software and the inventor of Fuugo application platform. Axel has a strong background in combining various content sources and services into one intuitive User Interface. Modular Fuugo platform provides the fastest way for fully customized TV everywhere application. www.axel.fi

For more information please contact:
For Octoshape
Jessica Slezak
(801) 305-1447

For Axel Technologies
Petri Kalske
+358 2 512 88 00

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FuugoVideo 1.4 is out

FuugoVideo has been updated into its latest variant; FuugoVideo 1.4.


This version includes several fixes into ICS version of Android as well as added support for a new language; Brazilian Portuguese. Fuugo Video now supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese!

More news about the Latam market coming shortly – Stay tuned!

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FuugoTV shipping with Hauppauge

There has been quite some action around Fuugo products lately; several customers have been licensing the Fuugo software rebranded into their own brands and also many, are just integrating Fuugo into their products.

Today, we are happy to announce that a well know brand, Hauppauge, has rebranded Fuugo as Hauppauge myTV2GO for their iOS, Windows and Mac OSX products. The Hauppauge myTV2GO has two variants; myTV2GO DVB-T over WiFi receiver http://www.hauppauge.co.uk/site/products/data_mytv2go.html and a 30pin connector device for Apple iOS devices called myTV2GO-m http://www.hauppauge.co.uk/site/products/data_mytv2go-m.html.

In case you have the Hauppauge myTV2GO receivers, you may download the rebranded Fuugo application, myTV2GO for free from http://itunes.apple.com/app/mytv-2go-powered-by-fuugo/id488574985?mt=8

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Fuugo 1.1 is out the door!

Hi all you Fuugo fans out there!

We have listened to you and a new version is in Google’s hands. Hopefully it will propagate soon to your device too. Shouldn’t take more than couple of hours now.

We added a new category “Metal” for all you heavy music fans out there! Finland is the source of many fine metal bands and you can now watch them on Fuugo. This time we took a little bit different approach and listed videos under the record label and not the band. Let us know what you think.

Playing, pausing, going to fullscreen is now much easier. You have the control buttons and can pause the video or go to fullscreen and back. The experience should now be as coherent as possible.

Lot of bugs were exterminated by our pest control squad. We appreciate very much all the reports we have received. If there are any issues left, let us know.

Phew! It has been a hectic month preparing for the launch, all hands have been on deck to get the ship sailing. I am very proud of our Fuugo crew behind the app and all other activities around it. Good work!

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Fuugo Video is to change the way people consume online video on tablets and smartphones


Fuugo Video is to change the way people consume online video on tablets and smartphones

Axel Technologies has today released two new Fuugo products directly to consumers. Fuugo Video 1.0 and Fuugo TV are now available through the fuugo.tv website and selected App stores. The award-winning Fuugo content aggregation software has already gained a reputation for its revolutionary user experience for TV and video consumption on mobile devices.

Turku, Finland, 9 November 2011 – Axel Technologies, a pioneer in mobile television and video technologies, has announced today that its TV and video content aggregation application Fuugo has finally been released to consumers in the form of two products: Fuugo Video 1.0 aggregates online video content from various sources into one application. It also utilizes social media in content discovery and recommendations. The second product, Fuugo TV, is a broadcast digital TV application for mobile and portable devices, for use alongside TV receiver accessories.

“We are extremely excited about our new products” states Petri Kalske, CEO of Axel Technologies. “The Fuugo concept is unique in its content aggregation and discovery functionalities. It took us a long time to get here but now we are proud to release the first two products from our wider Fuugo product portfolio. Fuugo is about to change the face of TV and video consumption on tablets, smartphones and other rapidly-evolving portable devices.”

Fuugo Video 1.0 will be available globally from Android Market and fuugo.tv for free. It aggregates various content services, such as Break.com and YouTube, making it easy to find and enjoy content that interests you. iOS versions are coming shortly. Fuugo Video will soon support additional social media features, and more content sources. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7fZaae2wMA

Fuugo TV is a broadcast digital TV application for mobile and portable devices, for use alongside most popular TV receiver accessories. It will be available first for Windows devices, to be followed soon after by Mac OSX and iOS versions. Evaluation software is available for free from fuugo.tv, and a fully-functional version is available, priced at €19.90. Fuugo TV initially supports the DVB-T standard used mainly in Europe, but will soon support the ISDB-T standard used in Japan and Latin American markets as well. Fuugo TV will also be available embedded in known TV accessory brand products in the coming months. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFK5oN3hWEM

For further information on Fuugo or Axel Technologies, please visit http://fuugo.tv and http://www.axel.fi

About Axel Technologies

Axel Technologies is a pioneer in mobile television and video technologies and the inventor of Fuugo, the new way to watch TV and video. Axel offers software applications for mobile, handheld and portable devices. The company is headquartered in Finland and has sales support offices in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Saratoga, CA, USA. www.axel.fi,

About Fuugo

Fuugo is a unique TV and video concept for mobile, portable and handheld devices. The approach for all Fuugo-branded products is an easy and intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to find and enjoy the video or TV content. The Fuugo product portfolio is constantly updating with new product variants suitable for different markets. Fuugo and the Fuugo graphical character are trademarks of Axel Technologies. http://www.fuugo.tv

Note to Editors:

Fuugo Product Videos to support this story are available online at http://www.youtube.com/user/FuugoVideo

Fuugo application screenshots and the Fuugo logo are available at http://fuugo.tv/press

For more information:

Petri Kalske, CEO, Axel Technologies


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Fuugo is out there!


Today is the day when Fuugo is finally out for everyone to download!

This is really exciting for all of us here at the Axel HQ, since the development of the whole Fuugo concept to support both Live Digital TV and On-Demand Internet Videos, has taken around 28 months now!

So, Fuugo is now out as a Fuugo Video variant on the Android Market as well as a Fuugo TV variant for Windows and iOS! In addition, Fuugo TV for OS X will be out in just a few weeks – so please come back soon to enjoy Fuugo on your Mac as well!

Truthfully, this will not be the last you see of Fuugo; we have a lot to come in the next few months but I’m 100% sure you will love Fuugo already now!

Why don’t you now go and download Fuugo to enjoy the newest and greatest video experience in the universe!


May the Fuugo be with you!


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